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Political Plantation: Ann Coulter Loves Her Blacks

In an attempt to defend presidential hopeful Herman Cain from allegations of sexual harassment, correspondent Ann Coulter proclaimed to viewing audiences that “our blacks are so much better than their blacks.” The comment made on The Sean Hannity Show was … Continue reading

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Playground Antics: Kris Jenner Offends American Indians

The mother of America’s favorite socialite Kim Kardashian has angered many folks with her recent use of the derogatory phrase ‘Indian giver.’ Kris Jenner appeared on Good Morning America last week to discuss the release of her new book and … Continue reading

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It’s About to be a Girl Fight: Women and Reality TV

The reality TV show cup runneth over. Each night the television audience can scroll through their digital TV Guides to find an abundance of this type of programming. With the increase in reality shows, I have found that there has … Continue reading

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