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No Butts About It: Body Image and Cosmetic Surgery

  Oneal Ron Morris, a transgendered Florida woman, was arrested on Friday for allegedly practicing medicine without a license. Morris is accused of injecting a woman’s buttocks with a concoction of cement, ‘Fix a Flat’ tire sealant, mineral oil, and … Continue reading

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It’s About to be a Girl Fight: Women and Reality TV

The reality TV show cup runneth over. Each night the television audience can scroll through their digital TV Guides to find an abundance of this type of programming. With the increase in reality shows, I have found that there has … Continue reading

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Jaw Dropping: Canadian Bar’s Urinals Cause Controvery

O2’s Taphouse and Grill in Edmonton, Alberta has been accused of having poor taste, but not for the food. Women patrons and groups are angry with the Canadian bar for its unique urinals found in the men’s restrooms. The urinals … Continue reading

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